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Young Authors' Work


In an unknown zone,
another dimension, long
ago there was the
Kingdom of Kingdoms
ruled by Bob. From the
age of 4, Prince Jim has
learned from his father
on how to be a King.
Sadly, at the age of 15,
Prince Jim has to go
through his greatest
tragedy, his father's
murder. Upon entering
his father's throne
room, Prince Jim
realizes his life will
never be the same when
he sees his fathers
lifeless body on the
floor next to his throne.
As he dropped to his
knees, crying, he yelled
 - Brendan

Yelling is not my thing
Awesomely intelligent


The pink fluffy poodle
A pink fluffy poodle
As skinny as a noodle
Outside my place
Licking off my face
She likes pie...burrrrp
Oh my
I do love tattle
My pink fluffy poodle
Lots of people say shes
vicious when I'm away
On the couch she sat a day
 - Lillie Zuniga

Eel Hula Hoop
Take an eel
Make a loop
Use it as a Hula Hoop.
Feel it turn
And twist
And squirm
Tighter, tighter, tighter yet.
Ain't an eel a lovely pet?
Hey, answer me when I
talk to you.
Don't just stand there
Turning blue!
 - Demitri Johnson